To Arizona & Mexico

From Pennsylvania To Arizona and Back!

Historical Archives
Our Group and Our 49 Passnger MCI Bus

Ministering Daily in Los Algedones, Mexico

Our Bus took us all the way to Arizona and back!

We were able to have a great time of worship
overlooking the Grand Canyon - A sanctuary built by God!

We made daily trips into Mexico

The CCFC Youth 2004 Summer Youth Mission Team

                 (See Saturday  May 1, 2004  Lewistown Sentinel for News Article!)

2004  Concerts: 

Sunday, May 16th: Good News Luth. Brethren Church - 7p.m.  (on Rt. 35 in Cocolamis, across from East Juniata High School)

Sunday, May 23rd: Thompsontown Baptist Church - 7p.m.  (In Deleware Terrace subdivision, off the "S curves" - Rt. 333 - near Thompsontown)

Saturday, May 29th: Turkey Valley United Methodist Church - 7p.m.  (From East Salem take Rt. 235  about 6 - 7 miles towards Seven Stars)

Saturday, June 5th:  Dressler's Ridge United Meth. Church - 7p.m. (On Dressler's Ridge Rd. - SR2018 - between Richfield and Oriental - from McAlisterville, turn right at County Line Restaurant in Richfield, go 2-3 miles, to top of hill, turn left, go about 5 miles. Dressler's Ridge Church will be the third church you will see - one on the left,  Dressler's will be the second one on the right.  You will also go through Knousetown.)

Sat./Sun., July 3rd & 4th: Victory Comm. Church, Yuma, Arizona

Wed., July 7th: Living Word Comm. Church, Phoenix, Arizona - 7p.m. 

Sunday, August 29th: Lower Tuscarora Presbyterian Church - Near Spruce Hill in Acadamia - 7 p.m.

Concerts included music by the group's band, "Against The Grain," drama skits and testimonies...! 

Some of what we did on the trip:

We took the love of Christ to the people of Algedones through mini concerts in the park, some drama skits, mingling with them, and handing out Spanish Bibles.  At the Yuma, AZ church, we helped them with contacts in the neighborhood, especially the teens, and had an outdoor concert also!

Trip Date was: June 28 - July 12, 2004! 

AS of 2015, I still see members of that team referring to and posting pictures on FaceBook of the trip!!!

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